Purple Martin Kite

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Scaled drawing. 1 square=4cm×4cm

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Use the grids on the printable page to draw a full size pattern. You can also download a PDF version, or an Open Document version of the plan.

This Purple Martin kite can be constructed from 1/8inch or 3mm wooden dowel, rattan or bamboo. Remember, the lighter the better, this isn't a very big kite. The spar and spine are connected using a small dihedral, or Trylbe connector. Any method may be used as long as the spars are offset at about 15° to give the kite that V shape it needs.

A thin string or strong thread is then tied from the nose of the spine to tip of the wing spar, back to the tail of the spine, around opposite wing spar and back to the nose of the spine. This line needs to be taut, but not so tight as to deform the kite.

The sail is cut from purple cellophane gift-wrap, painted paper or Tyvek. Allow extra material at wing edges to be used to fasten the sail to the string. Fold the wing edges over the string and glue down. Fold and glue the tail sides over the batons and tape the string to the tail as illustrated.

Cut a 36cm length of line for the bridle. Tie each end to the spine at the bridle points. This kite will need a long thin tail of ribbon to stablilize its flight.

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